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Choosing Good Domain Names Saves You Money

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How Choosing Good Domain Names Saves Money


It is worth taking time choosing good domain names as the right one for your business will save you time and money in search engine optimization later.

Your local business domain name or website address is one of the key components in your SEO strategy. If you haven’t registered a domain name or if you think you registered the wrong one, here are a few SEO tips to guide you in choosing a good one. These tips will save you time and money while getting you better search engine results at the same time.


Choosing Good Domain Names: Tip 1

Whatever domain name you choose, try to make sure it ends or your country’s extension like .ca  for Canada,  in the UK, .au in Australia, New Zealand  would use  .nz, .fr for France and .de for Germany.

If that is not possible you can also use .org and .net. These extensions are the next best ones to use forget .info .mv .tv or any of the others this is very important and lays the foundation for your online precence.

Choosing Good Domain Names: Tip 2

Avoid using hyphenated domain names. For example, if the domain name is already taken, don’t register a hyphenated version like www.plumbers-inlondon or www.plumbers-in-london

Hyphenated domains don’t give the impression of being authority domain and have a low grade image in SEO. Instead try adding a prefix or suffix such as or

If you really want to hyphenate, use no more than 1-2 hyphens

Choosing Good Domain Names: Tip 3

Keep your domain names short and don’t make them longer than 3 or 4 words maximum.

For example if your company is called “Angela Brookes and Associates, Chartered Accountants”
You may want to use


You definitely don’t want to register

www.angela brookes and ssociates chartered accountants .com!

Choosing Good Domain Names: Tip 4

Even if you operate as franchise or a dealership for a major company, avoid using branded company names in your domain as this is illegal and you could get sued.

If you want to use brand names in your domain always get written permission from the brand owners.

Choosing Good Domain Names: Tip 5

It’s wise to build a site using your keywords in the domain for additional SEO leverage. Let’s say you run a pizza take-away called Mario’s Pizza Place and your keywords “pizza in pimlico”

It would make sense to register both and In this way you can have multiple website rankings from one keyword using the two sites.

Just imagine if you registered all your keywords as domains – you could easily own the first page on Google for those keywords with proper SEO. So now you know how important it is to register good domain name for you business.

Choosing Good Domain Names

Essentially, pick a good domian name that reflects your business and your geographical area. Also one that is keyworded for what people are actually searching for online, what they actually type into the search engines. Be sure that here are enough people searching for that keyword phrase to make it worth your time and effort too.

Following these SEO tips on how to pick a domain for your business can help you to build a more successful website. You will save time and money on backlinking and your website will rank well more easily and become a valuable asset for your business too.

 Contact us at  Small Business Marketing if you need help in choosing a good domain name for your business.

Use our good domain name techniques to get noticed online. Beat your competition before they even get their socks on!

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