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I imagine you arrived at this page because your website is not generating the sales you had hoped for. That is so common yet it does not have to be that way. As no doubt your time is short and valuable, lets get right into it.

Is your website on page 1 of Google?


Don’t feel too bad if not because most business owners are in the same boat. A lot of businesses have websites that don’t show up well in the search engines for the services or products being offered. However, a lot do and those are the ones that have gone the extra mile, they have worked on their website and are bringing in new business everyday, even in these tough times. And it could be you.

The good news is that your local business website rankings can be improved and in the vast majority of cases, be found on page one of Google in a very short space of time. There are solutions and many of them.

How do you do it?


First you need to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. Simply put, what that means is that despite the clever design of your website, the website  builder did not construct your website to be search engine friendly. To do this you can spend money on professional search engine optimization (SEO) services or you can help yourself. You can get your website noticed by real people who are looking for what you have to offer with just a little effort.

 How To Be Number 1 On Google with Local Business Marketing


“If Your Website Isn’t Easily Found…You Are Losing Customers To Your Competitors”


So the question is, how do you want to start promoting your website to get more business?

Unless you have done your SEO work properly or are very well known, your site will not show up to the people who are looking for you. The domain name itself may be a problem but it is not the end of the world. You can use many on-page and off-page small business marketing techniques to overcome that and even turn it into a “branding” advantage.

Did you know that 45% of internet users click onto the first website they see in the search engines. So it is no good if you are on page two or worse. Neither is it any good to be in first place for a search term that  is not being used by anyone. The fact of the matter is that…

You Need Know How To Be Number 1 On Google Search AND With Search Terms People Actually Use!


Your customers must be able to find you quickly and easily in as many ways as possible. As more people search online daily it only makes sense for you to be there where they are looking and they can find you easily. Magazine, newspaper and Yellow pages style  advertising may have its place but it is expensive and quite frankly, it’s old hat.

It does not matter what you do. You may be lawyer, a dentist, a real estate agent or a chiropractor. You may run a restaurant, a construction company or a florist shop. You maybe offer financial services, translation services, auto services or any type of local business at all. But if your potential customers and clients can’t find you quickly and easily online, guess what?…they will find someone else…your competitors!

Small Business Marketing Fast Track To Number 1 on Google


The easiest and quickest ways to start promoting your website and your business is to produce videos, write press releases and articles. Video marketing is very powerful and there are many video distribution services apart from YouTube that we make use of. We write press releases and articles and distribute those as widely as possible too for direct exposure and backlinks.

These three steps are very effective. Videos by nature are visual and it is a fact that people, and Google, love videos. Press releases announce your latest business news to the world keeping everything fresh. We can write about any special offers or changes that are going on in your business. As long as it is newsworthy, we write press releases. Note the plural there!

Brand Your Business


Article writing, press releases and videos allows you to let people know all about your local business. You can inform them of aspects that they may never have thought of, thus arousing curiosity and a visit to your website. Give them plenty of information and you will develop some goodwill and start to brand yourself.

As your marketing messages is distributed across the internet so your circle of influence expands. People will recognize your company and talk about it to friends and colleagues. There is nothing like word of mouth to spread the word and all you have to do is get the ball rolling. Soon your local business will be branded and talked about by everyone!

This is your introduction to Small Business Marketing. Naturally there are many more aspects to online marketing and search engine optimization that are not covered here.


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